Too often, the word ‘assume’ gets a bad rap.

I think that’s a mistake.

Assuming is a powerful act that can be used to your advantage… if you know how to use it.


Don’t be ignorant to the truth

Let’s look at what this word means.

One definition of assume is “to suppose to be the case, without proof.”

Many people think accepting something as true without question or proof is being ignorant to the fact(s).

The word ‘assume’ can also mean “to take control or claim authority, sometimes without the right to do so.”

power of your assumptions 002For example, you can assume responsibility for something even though you may not actually be responsible for it.

And ‘assuming’ means to be presumptuous or arrogant.

Well, when we look at what it means to be presumptuous, it means failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

But who determines what is permitted or appropriate? Especially when you’re making assumptions about your own life—who and what you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have.

The truth is when you’re making assumptions about those things, there are no limits.


Consciousness is everything

Here’s another truth…

Everything that comes to you is a direct result of your state of consciousness.

Your consciousness is all that you think and desire and love. It’s all that you believe and consent to.

Well, when you think about it, you can consent to anything. Therefore, you can assume you can be, do or have anything you want.

So, start assuming you are a millionaire…

In a loving relationship…

Living in a healthy body…

A hugely successful business owner…

Living in the home of your dreams…

Supporting the causes you care most about.

Develop a burning desire to be happy, healthy and wealthy and assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled, and they are yours.



There’s a problem

We are programmed to ask “how?” or “what if?” when we want to make a big change.

However, when we ask those kinds of questions, it changes our consciousness, and we’re no longer assuming we’re winning; we’re assuming we will fail.

And you know what that means.

It means instead of feeling good and moving toward our desires, we close ourselves off from the good we desire.

That’s why it’s so important to read a good book every day. It increases your awareness of who you are and what you’re capable of.

With increased awareness, you accept full responsibility for the manifestation of your dreams. And you open yourself to greater possibilities and begin to accept something as truth without question or proof. You begin to assume you have what you want.


What happens when you assume

You must do more than imagine your dream life. You must act as if you are already living it.

And that means you must assume something is already yours even when it seems completely out of reach.

Granted, that takes some practice. However, once you start assuming your dreams have come true, the actions that follow will be in alignment with your vision.


power of your assumptions 003

Let’s say a job that you’d love to have just opened up. Even though you haven’t applied for it yet, you know it is already yours because you have assumed so. And you automatically start thinking and acting as if you have the job.

For example, the job is in the city, and your apartment lease is ending soon. Will you be looking for a place closer to the city or further away?

Unless you love long commutes, you will most likely be looking for something close to your job.

And you find out you have to report to your dream job two hours earlier than your current one. So, you get in the habit of waking up and going to be earlier.

Next, you start dressing and carrying yourself like someone who holds your new job title.

You are now living with the consciousness of having your dream job, and by law, you will get it… or a job that is even better.


This may surprise you…

Using the power of assumption to its fullest potential requires a bit of arrogance.

For the power of assumption to work in your favor, you must cancel out all self-doubt. You can’t wonder if, how, or when your goal will come to fruition. You must have total confidence in yourself and your manifesting abilities.

And you must submit your whole self to the feeling of your wish being fulfilled.

Vibrating at this high level—where your new beliefs integrate with behavior—allows the manifestation to happen.

But a word of caution…

Make sure you’re clear on everything you want so you can make room in your assumptions for your full desire to manifest.

For instance, if you want a new home and a family, assume that you already have that family even if you get your home first. See yourself in living in a large child-friendly home with a yard instead of a bachelor pad in the city.


How will you use your power?

What is one clear dream you would like to materialise?

Want a beautiful vacation home?

Build an image of the exact home you want and assume you already own it. Feel the blissful feeling of owning it. Go ahead and plan a trip in July and schedule time off.

Do you dream of owning a 2022 black S 560 Mercedes?

Go to the dealership. Test drive that exact make, model and color. Get a good look at the car. Touch and smell it.

Take a picture of yourself in the driver’s seat of the car as well as standing beside it. Put a picture of the car on your vision board. Imagine yourself owning the car and driving it every day.

Remember the senses you experienced when you are driving around in your current vehicle. Feel the joy driving that car brings you as you grace the roads.

Assume the car is already yours, and watch everything fall into place.

You can use the power of assumption to get anything you want. So, how will you use it in the coming days, weeks and months?

Tell us in the comments below.

To your success,

helen rahill sig