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The DX4 programme is a  comprehensive body-balancing system takes a unique approach to food and nutrition, helping you understand why you feel hungry and providing essential nutrition to re-centre your mind and body. Designed for healthy adults aged 18 and older, DX4 is a four-day programme that combines nutritional products, mindset practices, and guided food intake to help you adopt a more mindful and intentional approach to eating. After completing the programme, you’ll be equipped to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Forever DX4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What makes DX4 different from other body-balancing systems on the market?

DX4 takes a comprehensive approach to how you view food, and asks the question “why do you feel hungry?”. This programme is not a weight-loss programme; instead, it’s a controlled assessment of what your body needs versus what your brain wants, and provides only the essential nutrition intended to re-centre your mind and body.

Q2: What is the recommended age to complete the DX4 programme?

The DX4 programme is designed for healthy adults aged 18 years and older and is not intended for children.

Q3: What is the DX4 programme like?

DX4 is a four-day programme that helps you to pause and reset your physical, mental and spiritual health through seven nutritional products, mindset practices, and guided food intake. During this easy-to-follow programme, you’ll adopt a more mindful, intentional approach to eating, and how you are taking care of your body. The nutritional products, structured meal plan, and mindset activities combine to provide a programme greater than the sum of its parts, helping you to learn to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle after the four-day programme is complete.

Q4: Is it safe to complete the DX4 programme multiple times per year?

Yes, DX4 can be completed multiple times a year, but should not be performed back- to-back since the programme is calorie restrictive. The intent of DX4 is to reset our body and mind so we can reassess our lifestyle and our relationship with food. If you are a generally healthy adult who need reminders throughout the year, it is safe to complete the DX4 programme multiple times, but before you start any calorie-restrictive programme you should consult with your doctor

Q5: Will I lose weight from completing the DX4 programme?

Whilst the goal of DX4 should be to focus on your relationship with food and determine if you need to make any changes when the programme is complete, it is likely that you may lose some weight during the four days as you will be eating restricted calories.

Q6: I’m most interested in the products/nutrition guidance of DX4. Do I need to complete the mindset aspect to see results?

Forever’s DX4 is a tool designed to help you become more mindful of the food and nutrition you put into your body. Like any tool, we recommend you use it as intended to ensure you reap the full benefits, since each function of the programme is designed to work in tandem with the other.

Q7: Do I have to follow the DX4 programme exactly as outlined?

We recommend that the programme should be followed as outlined to achieve the optimal mind-body results. DX4 blends a scientific approach to nutrition with a meditative, introspective approach to how we view food.

Q8: Is DX4 free from gluten?

DX4 is mostly gluten-free, with the exception of Forever Sensatiable. One of the chief ingredients in this product is oat bran. This natural grain does have some residual gluten, though not as much as wheat grain. Therefore, the entire DX4 system cannot be listed as gluten-free, however, if you have a gluten intolerance, Forever Sensatiable can be omitted from the programme, and you can substitute this product with another serving of Forever Plant Protein

Q9: Is DX4 suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Most components within DX4 are vegetarian, however Forever Therm Plus contains a fat- soluble vitamin D3 that is derived from animal by-products, and Forever Sensatiable has a sweet honey powder, which may not suit vegan customers.

Q10: Is DX4 Kosher or Halal?

DX4 is both Kosher and Halal certified.

Q11: How does DX4 differ from C9?

C9 is a nine-day programme designed to kickstart a weight management journey, whereas

DX4 is four-day programme designed to realign the needs of your mind and body

Q12: Is DX4 safe to do when pregnant?

Due to the restricted calories consumed whilst on DX4, the programme is not suitable during pregnancy. If breastfeeding, we would suggest speaking with a health care professional.

Q13: Can I buy the components of DX4 separately?

No, the products in DX4 are exclusive to the programme and are not available individually.

Q14: Why does Forever Plant Protein states one serving per day on the pouch, but DX4 requires two servings per day?

After consulting with our lead nutritionist and using feedback from focus groups testing DX4, we determined that two portions of Forever Plant Protein is the optimal serving per day as part of the overall programme. This means the safe and effective intake of protein from Forever Plant Protein is now 34 grams per day instead of 17 grams per day. We have updated our registrations and labels noting this change for future batches.

FAQ Forever DX4

Remember, while this information is accurate as of my last update in June 2023, it’s always a good idea to refer to the product’s official website or contact Forever Living Products directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding Forever DX4.

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