Celebrating World Health Day with Forever

Celebrating its 75th Birthday in 2023, this year’s World Health Day is the chance to reflect on the health challenges of today – and tomorrow.

So, to mark World Health Day, we asked Forever Ambassador and Irish Gaelic Footballer Kieran McGeary to tell us about the importance of staying healthy, keeping fit and post-workout recovery. We also asked him which Forever products he loves the most!

Read on to find out what he said…

Irish Gaelic Footballer Kieran McGeary

It’s important to stay healthy

Staying healthy for me is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. When you’re healthy, you feel good both physically and mentally, and you have the energy and stamina to engage in activities you enjoy.

Exercise is an extremely important part of staying in tip-top shape for whatever your day-to-day life requires, but also what you eat. Of course, eating right is easier said than done – especially when life gets busy.

I am a secondary school teacher by occupation and understand the struggle. Each day, you should strive to consume a variety of foods. And while it takes time to get it right, once you’ve established that baseline, you can focus on getting other key nutrients.

School teacher and footballer Kieran McGeary

Sleep health

I have more recently started to focus on my sleep. I monitor this using sensors to track my heart rate, heart rate variability and motion to evaluate sleep stages and sleep quality. Something for everyone to think about this World Health Day: improving your sleep and sleep patterns.

Another game changer in my eyes has been ice baths and cold-water therapy. When our bodies are exposed to extreme cold, we have a ‘fight or flight’ response that kicks into action. Gaelic football is quite an intense contact sport, so you regularly get bashed and banged. I believe that ice baths have benefits when it comes to easing sore, aching muscles: not to mention strengthening your willpower.

Kieran McGeary Ambassador at Forever Living Products

Kieran and Forever

I have been an Ambassador at Forever Living Products for almost 18 months, taking supplements along the way to support my sporting journey. Forever offers a range of supplements made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, bee pollen and other plant extracts.

My local FBO has always provided me with nutritional advice before starting every supplement I’ve taken. My morning routine always involves staying consistent with taking Forever products.

My favourite products are ARGI+, Forever Aloe Vera Gel and Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla. These supplements support various aspects of health and overall wellness, as well as helping me to stay fit and active.

Happy World Health Day.

And remember:

take care of your body it's the only place you have to live