Becoming a Conscious and Skillful Co-Creator

We have a perfect way to live.

There’s no guesswork in our successes nor our failures.

We live by natural laws.

Laws that make us the co-creators of our life through the power of our thoughts.

So, if most of your thoughts are loving, joyful and prosperous, you will create a wonderful life, right?

Absolutely, as long as you…

Plant them in your heart of hearts

This is the part that many people miss or undervalue.

You don’t become what you think about in your conscious mind. It’s as Solomon said, “As a person thinketh in their heart, so are they.”

He wasn’t talking about the organ that beats in your chest. Solomon was referring to what the early Greeks called the heart, which is your subconscious mind or emotional mind.

A modern-day way of saying this might be…

You are, do or have whatever you become emotionally involved with.

Do you make this mistake?

Unfortunately, most people get emotionally involved with the wrong ideas. Instead of focusing on the realm of possibility, they think about their current circumstances and objective facts.

It’s how we were programmed as children and, unless or until we do something about it, it continues into adulthood. co creator

For example, we were led to believe that our report card (an objective fact) measured how smart we are. Over and over, our parents and teachers told us we needed good grades to get into a good school and land a high-paying job.

We internalized that idea. And now, as adults, we still believe things like performance evaluations and sales sheets are a measure of our ability to succeed in the future.

The problem with internalizing or getting emotionally involved with things that are outside of us is that they tell us only what was going on in the past.

External facts have absolutely nothing to do with our potential. And they have no bearing on what will happen in the future—unless we continue to focus on them AND feel strongly about them in one way or another.

Never, ever underestimate the power of your emotions

You see, just focusing on an external fact (such as your bank balance) or an intellectual idea (such as a dream) isn’t enough to establish an emotional connection.
It’s mixing those thoughts with emotions that makes the thought either work for or against you.

So, you can think about your goal a million times a day, but if you don’t mix your words with feeling, you’ll never experience the desired result.

That’s because all emotionless thoughts remain in your conscious mind.

And here’s something you must understand…

Your body (which is an instrument of your mind) and the Universe respond ONLY to thoughts that have reached your subconscious mind. And your subconscious (emotional) mind recognizes and acts upon only thoughts which have been well mixed with feeling.

What happens next…

Emotionalized thoughts (thoughts that reach the subconscious mind) dictate the vibration your body moves into.

When we talk about our vibration, we’re talking about how we feel. That feeling or vibration is automatically expressed in action, such as looking at property for a dream home or applying for a business loan. It also attracts the thoughts that build the ideas that will take you where you want to go.

Your action sets up a reaction. You can only attract energy that is in harmonious vibration with you. And, in this case, it’s the vibration or frequency of your desire.

Neville Goddard explains this very effectively in The Power of Awareness:

“Whenever you become completely absorbed in an emotional state,
you are at that moment assuming the feeling of the state fulfilled.
If persisted in, whatsoever you are intensely emotional about,
you will experience it in your world.”

That’s because the subconscious mind takes any orders you give to it in a spirit of absolute faith. And it acts upon those orders, although the orders must be presented over and over again.

The good news is, once the idea is fixed in your subconscious mind, it automatically expresses itself in your physical reality.

If you take responsibility for the action (putting yourself in the same vibration as your desire), universal laws will take care of the rest (attracting everything you need to fulfill the desire).

Bringing everything together… Becoming a Conscious and Skillful Co-Creator

To establish an emotional connection with your goals and dreams, you must stop focusing on external facts—even if you consider them to be “good.”

That is thinking from the outside in and, at best, it limits you to what you’ve achieved in the past. At worst, it sabotages any chance you have at achieving your dream.

thinking-from-the-inside-outInstead, you’ve got to start thinking from the inside out.

Thinking from the inside out is imagining what you want and using your will to keep your attention there instead of on your bank balance or other objective facts.

It’s being mindful of what you are affirming to yourself.

It’s continually seeing and feeling like the person you want to be.

And it’s feeling joy and gratitude every time you think about your new image.

Each time you do those things, you plant your desire in the garden of your subconscious mind. With increasing repetitions, the image becomes fixed there.

And then, by law, it’s only a matter of time before it moves into form.

It’s like planting a carrot seed in the ground. If you fertilize the soil, water it, and keep it free of weeds, you know that carrot is going to grow.

Unlike the other species on this wonderful planet, we are not mere spectators in an objective world. We are co-creators involved in forming not only what we experience, but also how we experience it.

Isn’t that a marvelous thing to know?

To Your Success,


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